Baseball Speed

Speed is the ultimate catalyst for any sport. It does not mean the faster player will always be the better player, but take every other aspect at equal, the faster player will be the better player.

Speed today is not like yesterday. The notion of you either have it or don’t is not necessarily true anymore due to advancements of diet and training methods.

Age will play a roll, the older yu are, improvement wil be less. Take a younger slower player and put him on a training program tailored for speed and power under supervision from a certified coach and or trainer, the chances of achieving great, sometimes even elite speed will rise dramatically.

mike trout angels 60 yard

In regards to baseball (since its baseball season), speed is an important aspect of the game- running to 1st base, chasing fly balls, and hitting and pitching.

How does speed play a roll in hitting and pitching? Beside the throwing motion of the arm or swing motion of the bat, speed, particularly running speed shares some similar muscle mechanics.

Most sprinters or speedsters in general, generate a good portion of their force throughout the hips. Any movement in any athletic event whether its football or ping pong, the foundation is centered at the hips. Train the hips to fire rapidly and your overall game will improve.