Core strengthening exercises

best core strengthening exercises

The foundation for any athletic movement begins at the core. The core is the middle of the body. The link between the lower and upper body. The bridge to supreme performance. When the core is strong, your whole body will work more efficiently. When your body is efficient, it will fire in one powerful movement therefore you will be stronger, faster, quicker, more alert. You will have much more energy to perform any task. You will also prevent injuries.

Core strengthening exercises benefits running speed.

Sprinting is a full body movement . When the body is strong and in-sync, you will run faster, no question about it!

Important! I would strengthen the core before undertaking an intense weight training strength program.

If you cant do the exercises below without breaking a sweat I would stay away from any weight training or advanced speed training until the core exercises below are mastered. Try to do these core exercises at least every other day working up to 5 sets of  2-5 minutes a set. Go at it slow. There are also a variety of different styles of core exercises – research online – but the video below is a good start.

Core Strengthening Exercises are a must for any Athlete!