Do Squats And Run Faster

How do you become faster

Well simply…SQUAT!

Squats is the king of all exercises. Master the squat and your speed, explosiveness, overall athletic abilties will increase.

You cannot go wrong with the squat.

Done correctly, you will achieve high levels of strength and that strength will carry over to speed.

Squatting builds the entire lower body and to some extent the upper body. It is technically a full body exercise that requires patience, balance, and a strong will.

There is nothing like heavy squatting. The goal for any squatting program is to be able to correctly squat 2x your body-weight. If all else is equal with a low body fat ratio and with double your body-weight squat strength, I am positive your sprinting speed, along with vertical jump, will be at an elite level.

With any training program always –  and I cannot stress this enough – start with light weight for the first few weeks. Let your body get used to the movement before tackling heavy weights. The video below shows proper squatting technique.