Speed Training

There are many over-looked aspects to speed training.

We all have our strength and weaknesses. Some of us can run fast due to powerful hip flexors, other through extensors. Some have a natural spring in their Achilles; others, a great strength to body weight ratio. Some long legs, other short legs…I guess you get the point.usain bolt speed training

The best way to increase your speed, overall athletic abilities is to determine the areas that need improvement and areas that need maintenance.

But what I found is that the average Human should be able to run anywhere from .5 to 1.5 seconds slower in the 100 meter dash in comparison to world class sprinters. The real Key to Running faster besides Speed Training is based on two factors:



Work on these two principles and you will get faster. The difference between the elite sprinters is most elite sprinters are either born with a high strength to body=weight ratio at a low body weight and low fat percentage or born with over 80% fast twitch muscle fibers with ideal limb proportions.

But this site is dedicated to the genetically inferior (sorry for being harsh).

Proper assessment of your overall physical shape, combined with strength development and Speed Training will help you run faster and therefore dominate your sport of choice.

There are many Speed training programs available and I will share some of them with articles on this site. But a good structured program is a must for the serious athlete….Here is a good start!