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Sprinting Mechanics to Run Faster

proper sprinting form to run faster

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A number of people believe that in order to run fast, you simply have to go full-scale and move you arms legs as fast as you can. This is the most incorrect way to run fast. In order to run faster times and destroy the competition you need to have the correct training and proper sprinting motion.

In relation to sprinting techniques you should aim on relaxation, your arm swing and your leg action. In order to run fast times you have to realize that you need to be relaxed. This means you should not be moving in jerky motions. Your movements should be very smooth and streamlined and straight.

Arm Movement: your arm swing should drive backward with your hands coming up to your cheek and then past your pockets on the bottom swing. It should be very fluid and smooth. Your legs should also move quickly and smoothly. When it comes to your leg mechanics everything should be up and down.

Leg Movement: As you leg comes up you should have your ankle step over the opposite knee. When your knee reaches its highest position make sure you get that feet back down on the ground quickly. The feeling you should feel in your leg action should be almost like a marching motion.

In addition, some runners think in order to increase your stride length you should extend your lower leg. This will only result in injuries, so all you need to do is to focus on the up-and-down motion of your legs and everything else will fall into place.

These are the basics of sprinting mechanics to help you run faster.

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