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Tips on How To Run Fast Like Usain Bolt

Do you want to run Fast like Usain Bolt?

of course you do. All Athletes need speed. This is a fact. True, the best players aren’t always the fastest. But the best player with speed is unstoppable. The average player with speed can compete with the best players.

The old notion is that speedsters are born not made, true to a point. No matter how much training, diet etc. that chances that you will run as fast as Usain Bolt is zero. But this should not discourage you. Unless your goal is to be the fastest man in the world in a straight ahead full out sprint, then I wish you luck in dethroning the fastest man in the world. But if your goal is the be a better and faster player on the court, field, then you have the potential to go beyond your genetic potential.



how to run as fast like Usain BoltSome Key Points to Running Faster:

1. Get stronger. This is very important for any Athlete, but especially those who are not gifted runners. Basic strength training is key.

2. Train at your sport and develop skill. If you are a baseball player, train to run the bases etc. a baseball player training to run a basketball court will make progress, but his potential and goal is to run the bases. The more you do it, the faster your brain will send signals to your body in repeating a trained movement as fast as possible. Its like any other skill, more practice, the easier it becomes.

3. Relax.  Keep your upper body loose. Loose, relaxed muscles snap faster. Tight muscles fatigue faster.

4. Plyometrics. Train the body to react faster. Plyometrics such as bounding  hopping train the nervous system to fire quickly transferring this to a quicker muscle response. Combined with strength, the movement will be powerful and the result will be a faster runner.

5. Belief. The most important point. Always believe you will get faster. In order to build your confidence in training, meditation can help.  Spend a few minutes a day meditating in your mind and seeing yourself running faster, skilled at your sport. Don’t day dream it, feel it. Feel the track, the grass, feel your body churning, the legs pushing and pulling, sweating. Try to make it feel real. You will be surprised on how quickly you will progress. Mind over Body.

These tips are a good staring point to help you run faster…and maybe one day you too can Run Fast like Usain Bolt…or just increase your speed better than you ever have!

Yohan Blake Defeats Usain Bolt with a 9.75

The Beast beats Bolt.

Yohan Blake is now a threat to topple the sprint reign of his compatriot Usain Bolt.

Bolt looked hurt in the race, but Blake looked phenomenal. Great power and finesse combined in one.

It is obvious by looking at Blake that a lot of his speed is due to great power and strength. So,  for all you slow people, if you want to run faster than you ever have – hit the weight room and build a good base of strength and power.


Yohan Blake beast Usain Bolt

Yohan Blake’s training consists of a lot of weightlifitng and power movements. Power cleans, Snatches, and traditional Front squats and Deadlifts with Overhead presses are the core foundation for power. With this power, you will tear up the track. Train for stregth and power, then train that strength and power to move fast.

Video of Race


Yohan Blake’s 9.75  is something to behold due to his age of 22, and done this early in the season. If he stays healthy, he will go 9.6