Yohan Blake Defeats Usain Bolt with a 9.75

The Beast beats Bolt.

Yohan Blake is now a threat to topple the sprint reign of his compatriot Usain Bolt.

Bolt looked hurt in the race, but Blake looked phenomenal. Great power and finesse combined in one.

It is obvious by looking at Blake that a lot of his speed is due to great power and strength. So,  for all you slow people, if you want to run faster than you ever have – hit the weight room and build a good base of strength and power.


Yohan Blake beast Usain Bolt

Yohan Blake’s training consists of a lot of weightlifitng and power movements. Power cleans, Snatches, and traditional Front squats and Deadlifts with Overhead presses are the core foundation for power. With this power, you will tear up the track. Train for stregth and power, then train that strength and power to move fast.

Video of Race


Yohan Blake’s 9.75  is something to behold due to his age of 22, and done this early in the season. If he stays healthy, he will go 9.6